Automotive Financing Facilitation

As one of the main businesses of Cango to build a new retail platform for automobiles, the automotive financing facilitation service not only connects car buyers, dealers and financial institutions, helps car buyers complete the car purchase procedures and offers automotive financing solutions, but also provides financial institutions with end-to-end services from customer acquisition to pre-, mid- and post-loan periods, supporting the entire life cycle of the auto financing transaction. Cango provides convenient services and solutions to make the auto loan products of financial institutions more appealing and help upgrade such products to suit evolving consumer needs as young users mature up, so as to retain the users during their whole life cycle of car purchase.  

Cango mainly adopts a self-operated service model when work with dealers. Under this model, the dealer’s sales representatives introduce car loan products to car buyers. If the customers want to know more about such products, the dealer will contact Cango’s sales representative, who will visit the dealer store to explain more details and terms about the car loan products to the potential buyers, and help them with the online application and subsequent services.  

Under the self-operation model, Cango can provide dealers with better and more efficient services, help dealers improve sales effectiveness, accurately understand dealers’ business needs so as to proactively help dealers close auto transactions. This cooperation model between Cango and dealers allows car buyers to enjoy a simpler and more convenient car purchase process, as well as richer and safer supporting services, thus improving user experience.