Where to find the car when an order comes in?

Date: 2021-08-05

The order comes in

Noon, Friday, July 16, 2021

 “No car available? still none?! Go find it!” Ge Wen, owner of a car dealing store in Zaozhuang city of China’s east coastal Shandong province, put down her phone. It was the afternoon of July 16, 2021, when Ge Wen got a call from a client and took the deposit for a car order, only to find that the best-selling car is nowhere to be found.

As auto sales has been hard hit by the pandemic, every single order counts to her. Ge Wen was about to make the next car search call, she saw the "Cango Car" mini program on her WeChat. Ge Wen decided to give it a try. She opened the mini program and quickly filled out the car search information, and clicked “Submit.”


Work against the clock

5pm, Friday, July 16, 2021

Wang Fang, who works at Cango’s car trading desk, was checking the backend business data of the "Cango Car" mini program as usual, when she received a notice put up by Ge wen. After understanding Ge Wen's needs for the car model and price, she called her Cango colleague in Shandong.

Yang Dong, a Cango city manager in the Shandong Region, is responsible for serving more than a hundred Cango’s cooperating car dealers in his city and neighboring suburbs. After a brief conversation with Wang Fang, he put up a car search notice in the system, which was quickly circulated among the car dealers in Zaozhuang city and around. Finally found the target in Linyi city, a town also in Shandong province about 50 miles away from Zaozhuang. The time was 5:30 in the afternoon.

Yang Dong was not surprised by the quick turnaround of this "car search." He has been in the auto industry for 14 years and can feel for the difficulties of car dealers in car search. But "We (Cango) have local service teams all over the country. A single lead comes down to nationwide responses.”

Wang Fang helped Ge Wen arrange the pick-up and logistics of the car. Car dealers can fill out a vehicle logistics request in the “Cango Car” mini program, for Cango’s logistics specialist to match a suitable service provider to deliver the car.

Having booked the car on Friday, Ge Wen had a nice weekend. She handed over the car keys to the client on the next Monday afternoon.


 (Names of individuals have been changed in the article)