Cango’s Subsidiary Forms Strategic Cooperation with Zhengzhou Nissan - To Develop a New Retail Model for Automotive Transaction in the Lower-Tier Markets

Date: 2021-04-20

SHANGHAI, April 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Cango Inc. (NYSE: CANG) (“Cango” or the “Company”), a leading automotive transaction service platform in China, today announced its subsidiary Shanghai Cango Network Technology Co., Ltd. (“Cango Network Technology”) has entered into a strategic agreement with Zhengzhou Nissan Auto Sales Service Co., Ltd. (“Zhengzhou Nissan”), to jointly develop a new retail model for automotive transaction in China’s lower-tier markets.

Min Gu, General Manager of Cango Network Technology, commented, “We are honored to have reached this strategic agreement with Zhengzhou Nissan. Leveraging our efficient trading service platform, extensive network and industry expertise in the lower-tier markets, we look forward to collaborating with Zhengzhou Nissan to build a new retail model for automotive transaction in these markets.”

Xiaoqiang Zhang, Deputy General Manager of Zhengzhou Nissan, said, “Zhengzhou Nissan has always adhered to its dual-brand strategy and has been exploring new segments and consumer markets for many years. Since Cango has been well-established in the lower-tier markets for more than ten years, and its performance has been well recognized by the industry, we expect this new cooperation will not only create a new business model but a win-win situation for both parties.”

As part of the agreement, both parties will collaborate and innovate in the areas of automotive sales and marketing in the lower-tier markets through the development of a new automotive retail model. In addition, Cango Network Technology will also provide auto financial products and services to all customers of Zhengzhou Nissan’s certified secondary dealer stores. In addition, Cango Network Technology will leverage its more than 50,000 car dealers and 80 local warehouses as well as efficient logistics across the lower-tier markets, serving as an effective supplement to Zhengzhou Nissan’s existing sales channels. In addition, Cango Network Technology will work to solve Zhengzhou Nissan’s efficiency problem in the lower-tier markets, while offering financial and other supporting services. Notably, based on Cango’s decade-long industry experience in automotive services in the lower-tier markets, Cango Network Technology will also help Zhengzhou Nissan obtain and operate traffic from the lower-tier markets, together with tailored precision marketing and promotion, as it taps into emerging rural and suburban markets.

The strategic cooperation with Zhengzhou Nissan marks an important milestone for Cango in the car trading transactions business. The move will complement both parties’ advantages, as they jointly explore the new retail model of cars and provide better quality car-related products and services for the majority of consumers in the lower-tier markets, making car purchases simple and enjoyable for customers.

Cango Network Technology, a subsidiary of Cango, is the main platform of Cango’s car trading transactions business and focuses on auto trading, auto leasing services, used car brokerage and other businesses. With its deep network in the lower-tier markets, it offers quality car products and services to customers while also providing one-stop services for the car purchase process.

Zhengzhou Nissan is a leader in China’s pickup truck market. It has achieved remarkable results since its establishment 28 years ago. With the rising standard of living in China and the upgrade in consumption, car buyers have put forward higher requirements for the new ecology of “people, cars, nature and society.” Zhengzhou Nissan grasps the precise pain points of consumer demand and continuously enriches its pickup truck product matrix to meet the various needs of customers.