Executive Vice Chairman of the New York Stock Exchange Visited Cango

Date: 2019-07-16

On July 16th, Betty Liu, Executive Vice President of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), and Marc Iyeki, Chief Representative of the Beijing Representative Office of NYSE, visited Cango. Chairman and senior management of Cango had a meeting with the visiting guests, and both parties had in-depth discussions around a range of topics including recent developments in Cango, and the state of the global economy as well as capital market conditions.

During the discussion, Betty Liu noted that China is the third largest source of new companies listed on NYSE, after the United States and Canada. So far, approximately 100 out of the over 2,300 companies listed on the exchange are from China. NYSE has been closely following the growth of Chinese companies and would welcome more fast-growing companies with great potential like Cango to go list on the exchange. Marc Iyeki gave a detailed introduction to the measures taken by NYSE to upgrade its services for listed companies, and said that the exchange would be providing more value-added services to quality listcos including Cango.

Zhang Xiaojun, Chairman of Cango, said that the successfully listing on NYSE itself has been a significant milestone for Cango. The Company would continue deriving advanced corporate governance practices and sharing with global investors latest developments of its own and in China’s automotive finance sector. Zhang Yongyi, CFO of Cango, noted that Cango would like to keep in close communication with NYSE for better understanding of the dynamics in global markets, thus casting light on the decision-making for Cango. Juliet Ye, Director of Communications of Cango, also shared that Cango would explore with NYSE various means of communication to promote more effective exchange of information between Cango and the investment community.