Chunhui Care Home

Date: 2019-02-02

In 2019, Cango started collaborating with Beijing Chunhui Children’s Foundation and donating to its Chunhui Care Home program. Chunhui Care Home provides medical services for children with disabilities and orphaned children suffering from intractable or severe diseases in welfare institutions across China. In addition to accompanying the children throughout their medical journey, the program provides care before, during and after operations. In collaboration with the Tomorrow Plan funded by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the program covers more than 270 children each year. It recruits professional pediatricians and nurses and trains full-time Chunhui Moms to ensure that the children’s medical and emotional needs are fully met, envelops the children in love and care which they desire most, and helps expedite their recovery, return to the welfare institutions and adoption by loving families.  

In May 2009, Chunhui Children’s Foundation started full-scale operation of Beijing Chunhui Care Home to service children age 0-12 years in welfare institutions across China who need medical help. At the beginning of 2019, Shanghai Chunhui Care Home was established and Xinhua Hospital Affiliated with Shanghai Jiao Tong University was designated as its medical care provider. Measuring approximately 220m2 in total area, Shanghai Chunhui Care Home is expected to house 30 beds and bring about 120 orphaned children and children with disabilities each year from welfare institutions to collaborating hospitals in Shanghai where they will receive medical treatment and special care.

Cango has signed on to sponsor one room in Shanghai Chunhui Care Home, and Cango volunteers will be paying regular visits to children receiving medical treatment in Shanghai.