Our services primarily consist of automotive financing facilitation,

automotive transaction facilitation,aftermarket service facilitation

Cango Platform Connects Participants Along the Automotive Transaction Value Chain

  • 丨Financial Institutions丨

    We provide for financial institutions integrated solutions that support the full life cycle of automotive financing transactions, including credit origination, credit assessment, credit servicing and delinquent asset management services, thus helping them improve overall operational efficiency and enhance credit performance.

  • 丨Dealers丨

    We provide dealers with a powerful and comprehensive toolkit that spans new and used vehicle sourcing, automotive financing solutions, as well as SaaS-based supply chain financing and warehouse management, so as to boost their business performance.

  • 丨Car Buyers丨

    We offer a one-stop service solution that directly caters to the needs of car buyers, which includes quality automotive financing solutions, financing related value-added services and after-market services, to make car buyers’ purchases more affordable and convenient.

  • 丨After-market Service Providers丨

    Leveraging Cango’s self-reinforcing platform and extensive dealer network, after-market services and products can be cross-sold with our financing facilitation services, generating new business opportunities for after-market service providers.

  • 丨OEMs丨

    Our vast nationwide dealer network help OEMs expand their distribution channels throughout China, and our automotive financing solutions make their cars more affordable to car buyers.